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Dear Candidate

Thank you for your interest in our organisation and in joining our organisation and working alongside me to make a real and positive difference to the lives of the residents of West Sussex.

West Sussex has a rich history as a place and I am looking for someone to work alongside me to create our future place legacy, this is no ordinary place this is a place of extraordinary ambition and opportunity.

I have been in post since June 2016 having previously been the Chief Executive of the London Borough of Croydon, I know that the more you find out about our county, our ambition and our opportunity you will share that same desire to be here making a real and positive difference to the lives of our residents and communities.

So, since I have your interest why should you consider this role further, understanding that in our sector that applying for such roles will take your dedicate time and personal commitment - to put it simply there are two words that describe why? Ambition and Opportunity.

Ambition, as an organisation we have a bold and strong political commitment to improving the lives of our residents, especially when it comes to ensuring our communities feel safe. Despite the challenges which we are grappling with and those that lay ahead of our organisation and our sector we have plans to meet this challenge 'head on', this does not impact our ambition this fuels our ambition to improve. You will find a passionate and dedicated team of staff across our organisation in a newly modelled senior team structure which has created this position and opportunity for you.


Alongside this palpable ambition is a genuine sense of opportunity. We have much to do to modernise our organisation and achieve the true potential that exists within our organisation and across all our partnerships. You will have an opportunity to shape a new identity and presence for our Fire & Rescue Services having recently created this new role within our organisation and the opportunity to work with your executive leadership team colleagues as part of a philosophy of ‘one organisation and one team’ achieving the ambitions set out in our West Sussex Plan.

This is what brought me here and has kept me here. I can't promise you that our journey ahead will be an easy one, in fact this role is not for those looking for an easy life or that every day of your week will be the same with no surprises. But if you are someone who has vision, energy, passion, creativity, resilience and an absolute focus on improvement, what I can promise you, is that we will give you the freedom to change lives in a way that very few of us ever get the chance to do.

You will play an important part in writing the next chapter of our organisations place legacy. In years to come you will look back and be very proud of what you helped achieve within our beautiful county. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about this opportunity to make a difference, a real and positive difference to the lives of the residents of West Sussex.

I look forward to exploring our journey with you further.

 My warmest regards

Nathan Elvery
Chief Executive

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