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About the Council

Political composition

The County Council is made up of 70 councillors (sometimes called members) who are each elected every 4 years to represent one electoral division. The Council is controlled by the Conservatives and the political composition is:

  • Conservative: 56
  • Liberal Democrat: 9
  • Labour: 5

Functions are allocated across the full Council itself, the Cabinet and a range of committees. Many functions are delegated from the Cabinet and committees to officers.

The Constitution explains how the County Council operates and decisions are made, and the procedures which are followed to make sure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Full Council

All members meet together as the full Council and they are responsible for deciding some of the overall policies and setting the budget each year.

The meetings are the principal forum for political debate. The Council elects the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, members of committees and a Leader.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the County Council are appointed annually by the full Council at a public meeting.

  • Chairman of the County Council: Janet Duncton is the apolitical guardian of the interests of all members of the Council and its processes as well as being its principal non-political representative.
  • Vice-Chairman: Ashvin Patel assists the Chairman.

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